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Do Electrical Outlet Gaskets Really Work? 



If you're looking for a cheap and easy way to save energy in your home, one of the best Do-It-Yourself home improvements is to install foam electrical outlet gaskets to seal your sockets. If you happen to stand by your outlet sockets and switch plates on a windy day during the winter, have you ever felt cold air blowing from these places?  The purpose of foam gaskets is to seal and insulate the wall cavities behind all outlet and switch plates, creating a barrier from the living space. If an energy audit firm conducts what is called a "blower door test," you will be amazed to find a generous amount of outside air blowing out from all wall plates. A blower door test depressurizes the home to expose air entering the home from the outside. In other words, it turns the house into a giant vacuum chamber. Some people will tell you that you only need to insulate outlets and switches on outside walls. Conducting a blower door test confirms that ALL switch and outlet receptacles (including inside walls) are leaky and need to be sealed since electrical wires run across walls allowing outside air to enter the inner-wall cavities. Inner-wall cavities also contain pipes, introducing outside air from your crawlspace, basement or attic.  All of these wall penetrations contribute to a heating and cooling loss by as much as 20%. This is what makes the inner wall cavities subject to cold air even in a well insulated home.

Why Buy Wall Plate Gaskets or Electrical Socket Sealers from Outlet  

Don't bother using messy spray foams and caulks. Our outlet gasket socket sealers are die cut to precisely fit, unlike the "universal gaskets" that are pre-stamped for multiple outlet types. The universal gaskets that you find on the Web are thin, and they leak since the seams in the areas that you don't use split apart. Nothing beats a true die-cut gasket specifically for your receptacle type. They fit like a glove. Made of U.L. listed foam, our foam outlet gaskets and foam switch gaskets install easily behind the faceplate, which are completely invisible. When installed, our foam outlet gaskets work to reduce drafts while helping to keep the heat in your home during the winter, and the cooling in your home during the summer.  We distribute foam electrical outlet gaskets in bulk packs which will save you tons compared to the small retail packs found in hardware stores. Our foam electrical outlet gaskets are the highest quality in the industry and will provide a tight, thick seal while insulating at the same time.

*For double & triple gang boxes, simply lay multiple wall plate sealers side-by-side and trim them to fit with a pair of scissors.